MEEt the maker


Proud Dweller began as shop Be Timeless, an Etsy shop that Kayla Tafoya started as a side gig turned successful online venture. 

she originally started her Etsy shop with the focus of special occasion/wedding themed paper products. growing tired of not getting her hands dirty, she decided to toy around with silk screening and designing pillows. they were an immediate favorite in the Etsy shop, specifically the outline of the state of wisconsin. Recognizing its popularity she further her variety of local and state themed designs.

In 2018, shop Be Timeless was rebranded as Proud Dweller to better represent the brandโ€™s nostalgic and witty sense of style. 

you can see kayla being a boss behind the scenes and at home on her instagram. she is a big fan of ootds, bravo tv, pabst blue ribbon, and working out. take a ride and follow along.