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Something I love about creating is the ability to play. Sometimes an idea is a success and sometimes it falls flat and you end up with what feels like wasted time and a perplexed outcome. Both the fun and frustration of it.

Remember though, It’s never really wasted time - you learn from it. And a perplexed outcome only forces you to look at the process differently.

Over the years I’ve had many a trial and error with attempted products and designs ideas. Some that stuck, some that didn’t and some that were just around for a bit.

I’ve curated some forgotten favorites of mine in two galleries bellow. Take a float down creativity river and re-visit some of my past products and designs.

See anything you wish I would bring back - design, style, product type? *not making any promises I will 😉 ( Drop an email at kayla@prouddweller.com or DM me on Instagram and include the caption name. )









Kayla Tafoya